35dBi 3G 4G LTE Dual MIMO ZTE MF910 MF90C MF75 MF823 Antenna TS9 plug& 2m Cable

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  • Latest 35dbi TS9 3G 4G LTE External antenna with foot.    
  • This antenna will work with all mobile broadband devices that have an external antenna port TS9.        
  • This antenna is to improve your mobile broadband reception if you are in a low signal area .        
  • This is the highest gain 35dbi antenna 3G / 4GLTE        
  • This antenna has 2 TS9 Connector for the latest high-speed 4G LTE Modem / MiFi devices.        
  • The cable length is 2 metres.        
  • Please make sure your device has an external antenna port TS9, and not a CRC9 version.             
  • The following devices have TS9 external antenna connectors:        
  • Vodafone R215, R212 Vodafone, Vodafone K5150,        
  • Vodafone K5005, K5007 Vodafone,        
  • Vodafone K5006Z. ZTE MF821D, ZTE MF821, ZTE MF910,  ZTE MF90, ZTE MF93E, ZTE MF91D, ZTE MF91,     ZTE MF91T, ZTE MF93D, ZTE MF91S. ZTE MF823        
  • Netgear AirCard340U,     Netgear AirCARD341u.        
  • Sierra Leone AirCard313U, Sierra Leone AirCard320U, Sierra Leone AirCard330U, Sierra Leone 754s, Sierra Leone AirCard754s, Sierra Leone AirCard760s, Sierra Leone AirCard762s, Sierra Leone AirCard763s, Sierra Leone AirCard770s.        
  • Netgear AirCard771s,        
  • Netgear's 782s, Netgear 781s.        
  • Huawei UML397, Huawei E398, Huawei E3276, Huawei E392, Huawei E3272, Huawei E8278, Huawei E5373, Huawei E5786, Huawei E5776, Huawei E589, Huawei E5372, Huawei E5375                   

Technical Data

  • Frequency Range: 791-1821MHz 832-862MHz 1710-1785MHz 1805-1880MHz 2500-2570MHz 2620-2690MHz     
  • VSWR: <= 2.5     Gain: 35 dBi     
  • Polarization Type: Vertical     
  • Rated power: 10 W     
  • Input Impedance: 50 ohms nominal     
  • Dimensions: 22 * 19 * 2.1 cm    
  • Vertical scale basis    
  • Cable Type: RG174 (best) to 100% of the Cooper    
  • Length: 2 m    
  • Connector Type: TS9 head   
  • Installation: Adsorption and hang 
  • Fast Delivery from Melbourne   

Package Contents

  • 1x 35dbi 3G 4G LTE TS9 Antenna



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